Is that big hand fell at the moment Xiao Fan busy soil has deep stealth to the exit!

"Boom!" The soaring flame rises from generate like a volcanic eruption, heating the soil to the extreme, melting the lava and roaring!
The huge magic hand fell sharply and suddenly stagnated, and it was unexpectedly blocked by the flame.
"Withdraw!" Fire busy grabbed the soil busy wrist will be dragged out, and soon the two integrated completely escaped from the palace group.
"hmm? This ….. "The old voice is full of doubts and surprises.
Count the most magnificent building in the palace.
In the main hall, a figure bigger than the throne and filled with black gas suddenly stood up.
The man’s long blood-red hair has reached his ankles, wearing a tattered but shiny black armor, and on his chest is a huge devil’s face mark, ferocious and horrible.
However, this person’s true face is enough to make people fear.
Half of the face is almost rotten, and the right arm has decayed. There are several black flesh and blood noodles, while the intact half of the cheek is littered with scars of different sizes, leaving only one eye shining fiercely!
"Strange! How strange! " The man limped a few steps and wondered to himself, "That human just stopped me … is it him? No, it’s also a doppelganger, but … How can a person have two doppelgangers? The real root is that it is impossible. It has completely violated the laws of nature! "
"Hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum!" A treacherous voice immediately remembered that a figure shrouded in darkness appeared next to the throne like a ghost.
"Have you come to see my jokes?" Magic Dun waited for his eyes and squeezed his left fist. "If … you weren’t so badly injured that you could always hide in this palace and go out for half a step … don’t say that even the whole ground screen world would have been in your pocket!"
"Ha ha, you don’t have to be impatient. Soon, the barrier of the Nine Realms will be broken, and then the breath of the underworld will follow here, and the breath of the underworld will help you recover soon!"
"You also hope so!" Mo Ming nodded and fell back to the throne. "But … that human just worried you!"
"It’s not unreasonable for you to worry. That human is really in urgent need of remembering that his name is Xiao Fan!" The shadow shook a few times. "Offering sacrifices to the gods to teach a group of idiots also wants to benefit the human beings. They will surely be disappointed. According to my deduction, Xiao Fan will not only die in this disaster, but also become stronger!"
"What? More powerful? You have never made a mistake in deduction. Doesn’t that mean … that human beings will surely be a huge stumbling block in the future? " Magic Ming one leng.
"Hey hey is, but it’s better that he is as strong as possible! If it can be strong enough that even the peacock king is no match for him … "
"oh? So you’re trying to kill someone with a knife? Hum, that’s a good idea! But how can Xiao Fan deal with Peacock King again? "
"You need to worry about this!" Shadow grimace of a grin "he … will go! Everything is under our control and he is destined to be a chess game! "
At this time, Xiao Fan’s doppelganger just rushed out of the palace group and raised his hand to nullify several magic repairs. Immediately, he gave a wide-ranging message to the elders of Qingyang League, "Kill their department and retreat immediately. That magic coffin is so powerful that I have seen our method to resist, and now we can try our best to attack the magic alliance!"
Hear Xiao Fan said everyone nervous hurriedly to speed up the eradication.
After half a column of incense, when you persist until the last day, the old devil was smashed by Qingyang, and after his death, the magic practitioners sent by the whole magic alliance were completely slaughtered.
"Retreat to the evil relic and meet his brother!" Xiao Fan ordered all the elders to follow and left.
Eventually Xiao Fan didn’t feel that the magic coffin had the intention of making another move, so I couldn’t help wondering myself. This group of people slaughtered the magic alliance outside the palace group. Did he just ignore it?
What a surprise!
However, at this moment, Xiao Fanzun, who has been falling in the whirlpool, finally landed on his feet.
"So that means just now is to send me by force?" Xiao Fan statue couldn’t help picking his eyebrows and looking around.
This place is a vast corridor.
"Evil remains?" Xiao Fanxuan is one leng. He naturally knows that this place is the deep place of evil relics!

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