Chen Haoxuan was speechless at that time. It seems that Lu Xiusi has long known that he would take the initiative to report Shen Nuo’s peace.

"Hugh, why do you quarrel with Shen Nuo every day recently? Is it because this matter has not been solved yet?" Chen Haoxuan heart asked.
"It is estimated that Lu Fei will know about this matter when Shen Nuo arrives, and he will definitely tell you then!" Lu Xiusi said
"You are really ugly today!" Chen Haoxuan hung up with a face of abandon.
Lu Xiusi hung up silently and lay in bed. In fact, he didn’t sleep at all. He didn’t dare to take the initiative to call Shen Nuo and ask where she was. Instead, he guessed where Shen Nuo would be at this time by constantly guessing until Chen Haoxuan called this word. Lu Xiusi felt at ease.
"When can I restore my former happy life?" Lu Xiusi put his arm on his head and kept thinking.
When Shen Nuo arrived at Lu Fei’s home, Lu Fei mysteriously said to Chen Haoxuan, "Don’t tell Lu Xiusi about her husband Nuo Nuo’s coming home!"
Liu Fei finished the reward and kissed Chen Haoxuan.
Edward chan thought that Lu Fei had said the news and once it was revealed to Hugh Lu, he was kissed by Lu Fei and Edward chan clamoured for it.
"shh!" Liu Fei motioned Chen Haoxuan not to say, "Now Nuo Nuo is in a bad mood. At this stage, you should be wronged and live in the guest room. I can talk with Nuo Nuo at night!"
"I …" Edward chan after hearing a face of injustice what Shen Nuo came home but also injustice and Liu Fei sleep separately.
"Shen Nuo Lu Xiusi, I really owe you both. When you two get back together, I will kill you!" Edward chan secretly holding a fist hate hate said
Liu Fei went to the door and looked at Shen Nuo shivering with cold. He was very distressed.
Section 122
"I put a hot bath for you. Go and wash it quickly!" Liu Fei finished pulling Shen Nuo into the bathroom.
Edward chan looked at Liu Fei outside the door, and Shen Nuo was very jealous in his heart. While Shen Nuo was taking a bath, Edward chan gathered around Liu Fei.
"It’s very kind of Shen Nuo treatment can also be so considerate of you to take care of me …"
Edward chan was about to complain when Liu Fei blocked his mouth. "You don’t say that you can be the same as Nuo Nuo. Nuo Nuo is still the matchmaker between us! Besides, he is my best friend, her family … Now I am her backing. I don’t care about her. Who cares about her? "
Chen Haoxuan was speechless by Liu Fei’s three-inch tongue. "Okay, okay, you don’t say it, I’ll go!"
"Why are you going!" Liu Fei was surprised to see Edward chan walking outside again.
"I’ll go home and stay where I care!" Edward chan depressed figure gave Liu Fei to laugh.
"Don’t be jealous with Nuo Nuo, okay?" Liu Fei covered her mouth when she knew that this other sentence sounded a little big, but she was still heard by Shen Nuo.
Shen Nuo knows that Liu Fei speaks with his heart, but Shen Nuo does admit that he is the most pitiful now. Except for Liu Fei, there is really no one in this world. Shen Nuo can’t help crying when she looks at her pale face.
Shen Nuo really wants to cry at this time, but Liu Fei can suppress all grievances in his heart when he is outside.
☆, Chapter 156 I don’t want this child!
After Shen Nuo came out of the shower, Liu Fei brought the noodles that had just been cooked.
"Come to Shennuo to eat while it is hot!" Liu Fei will Shen Nuo press on the chair.
"I … I have no appetite" Shen Nuo refused Liu Fei’s kindness and got up to leave.
"No, Shen Nuo, you are empty. If you don’t think about it yourself, you have to think about it. If you don’t eat, it is definitely not possible. I must supervise you to finish your meal today!" Lu Fei was angry with Shen Nuo, Nunu mouth.
Liu Fei saw Shen Nuo’s tough attitude and knew that he was all but Liu Fei had no way to sit down and eat Liu Fei’s boiled noodles.
"Nuo Nuo, there are some things that I don’t want to ask more, but I don’t want to look at you so unhappy now." Liu Fei sat next to Shen Nuo and looked at Shen Nuo with a worried face.
Shen Nuo stopped eating. She looked at Liu Fei and asked, "Feifei, do you think people like me don’t deserve happiness for a generation?"
"Nuo Nuo, don’t think so." Liu Fei hugged Shen Nuo lovingly. "Happy life needs to be exchanged through your own efforts. It is normal to meet several love rat in your life."
"Feifei, I really envy you for living in Haoxuan now and caring so much about you. This is what I envy most!"
Liu Fei, Shen Nuo’s team, feels envious now that she has enough life.
"Every family has difficulties in chanting scriptures, and I also have my difficulties. Haoxuan is very kind to me, but my mother-in-law … has never come to see me since I was discharged from the hospital." Liu Fei silently bowed her head after saying this sad thing.
"I’m sorry I always give others trouble." Shen Nuo repeatedly blamed herself after knowing that she had hit a sore spot with Liu Fei. She felt very guilty about Liu Fei.
Liu Fei comforted Shen Nuo. "Without Nuo Nuo, let’s not do this first. You stay here now and think about your heart’s truest thoughts. There are some things you have done and don’t regret!"
Shen Nuo listened to Liu Fei and didn’t continue to talk. He looked at the article Shen Nuo in the bowl and ate it.
This night Shen Nuo looked at the dark ceiling and couldn’t sleep.
Shen Nuo turned it over and turned it over, but I still can’t forget what Lu Fei said.
"If you really don’t want to spend time with Lu Xiusi one day, you’d better not have your baby!"
Shen Nuo recalled that Lu Fei said this sentence. Is divorce really her final destination?
The next day, Shen Nuo appeared in Lu Fei’s sight with a super black rim of the eye.

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